We sell to retailers, discounters, online sellers, flea marketers, wholesalers, distributors.
try a small lot and you'll see why! We pride ourselves in the quality merchandise we offer and the service we give. Give us a try, and we're sure you'll keep coming back.
We have long-time relationships with reputable vendors and manufacturers who have the authority to sell us the products we bring in. We are often contacted by these companies when they have overstocks and closeouts.
All merchandise we offer is in one of our distribution warehouses and ready to ship. However, in the closeout business product can be sold at anytime. We try to update our site as often as possible, but it can change at a moments notice.
You can order as little as a case. We indicate how product is sold. We are unique as we offer small casepacks to our customers.
Generally it takes 3-4 days after payment clears for product to leave one of our distribution warehouses. Add shipping time on to that.
We supply products to exporters but we do not deliver products outside the United States. Customers must take delivery of the products in the United States and must expressly assume responsibility, in writing, for exporting the products outside of the United States and for complying with all applicable U.S. laws, including but not limited to obtaining any export authorization from the U.S. Government and preparing and submitting relevant export documents.
NO! We have so much more and it changes all the time to keep up with the site. What is on here are either new products we got in, purchases we made of huge quantities, or ongoing staple items our contacts come to us to buy and we fill in on a regular basis. Our pallet assortments are not shown. Contact us for pallet product offers.
For liability purpose, our ditribution warehouses do not allow this. Everything we get is either in the manufacturers or vendor casepacks, or as soon as it comes in we package to the specified lots.
Yes, if there are large quantites to ship we can do this. You must have requirements to accept the goods....ie. a dock or arrange for us to get a lift for the truck which is an extra cost.